• Thu 06/10/2016 -
  • Fri 07/10/2016

Workshop/ Activity

Jochen Becker / Daniel Kötter / metroZones (DE)

Chinafrika. under construction at steirischer herbst

Workshop at the herbst Academy

China and the African continent, it is assumed, are the two world regions where the future of globalisation is being drawn up. The research and art project “Chinafrika. Under Construction” has been analysing the cultural relations between both areas for several years, highlighting a process that has fundamentally changed the role of Europe, among other things. With a wide range of research materials and documentaries from Guangzhou, Lagos, Hong Kong, Lubumbashi and other regions, the workshop illustrates the cultural and economic transformations ensuing from this transnational process. Accompanied by guests from China, Africa and Syria, the participants in the workshop will be exploring theoretical and everyday experiences of the Chinafrika phenomenon

Haus der Architektur Graz, Graz