• Sat 08/10/2016 -
  • Sat 08/10/2016

Lecture/ Panel Workshop/ Activity

Jochen Becker (DE) / Daniel Kötter (DE) / Linessa Dan Lin (CN)

And Europe? A Continent in the Light of Chinafrika

Working Group Presentation at herbst Conference

The artistic research project “Chinafrika. Under Construction” traces cultural relationships between China and Africa and portraits a global process: “Chinafrika” is a symptom of the de facto ongoing relativisation of Europe. Involving African, Chinese and European artists and curators, theorists and protagonists, the tricontinental project approach disengages itself from unilateral fixations along former colonial routes (north/south), by instead offering alternatives (south/south), new options of mutual reflection (south/north/south) and contrasting,multiple perspectives. The attention is directed to the

ways in which life perspectives change due to new, international relationships and orientations; the ways in which objects and images of the “other” culture penetrate everyday life;and the ways in urban spaces are transformed by the new presence of people and habits.

Haus der Architektur Graz, Graz