Today, China –  the “Brave New World” –  is building a capitalist society in the communist way. Communist and capitalist ideologies in China – as well as in Africa – are borrowed from the West.

Which role does Western colonialism and the industrial revolution play in China and Africa today?
Will the “fairy tale” be turned into a “nightmare” through the modernization process?
Can a whole culture be based on idealizing and emulating another?
How can a different culture be understood and translated into one’s own language? What will happen if you bring the translation into a different context?
How is the changing of language related to the way people construct their society and their social value system?
How will it be to relocate art works in different circumstances?
Is imperialism still an issue on the public’s mind?

Huang Xiaopeng‘s work will be focusing on the love-hate relationship in the geopolitically fraught process of globalization, and how we imaging the other.